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Monday, September 04, 2006

About herding fish and other such stuff...

I know the attention that Rich over at Aldo makes of me being a mad scientist of coffee but I am far from it. Yet... here I am hunched over my kitchen stove tonight late night working on something that plagued me for some time.

No wait, let me back up a bit... I was struggling trying to get some clear results of one simple precursor test and a fact that would be the basis for my future experiments in the coffeed study group... Is there sugar in coffee once roasted and being able to evaluate it...? I used brewed coffee, espresso, and the results were murky... I mean straight up murky as I couldn't see the color indicator of the reaction. Here I was with the coffee and I couldn't get a freaking result because I just couldn't see in the beaker... Then, I am watching this episode of Myth Busters(science oriented tv show) and fate intervenes. They are doing this show about cereal content vs the cereal box content to see which is healthier to eat. Watching them perform the same sugars experiment with ease, I had an epiphony... I don't need brewed coffee! It was so stupid simple... I burst into the kitchen prepped my kit, boiling water, and began... Burst open my bag of Terroir Yirgacheffe from my personal stash and crushed some beans with a pestle.... (I know, I know, but it's for science....)...

In five minutes I had my first defintive and indisputable results so now I can steadiy move forward as I await my next shipment of chemicals... It seems I may have just challenge a coffee myth or two.... or at least shed some light something few of us understand.... Yeah baby!

So, you are wondering what does all this mean??? It means, if you want to see this research, get on coffeed, do a paper for the study goup and then you get to read the others...

I am sitting here with blue fingers covered in reagent, pondering a dozen things I have read and what it means... making lists and planning the next stage.


Jaime van Schyndel