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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The honeymoon is over I guess...

It only seemed a matter of time before the back patting was over for Cho. I really don't have much of anything to say besides why did he compete anyway? Congrats to winning but I woulda rooted for Berlin all the way! j/k Competitions aren't fair unless you have the backing of a large company behind you. That's like all competitions and excuses don't change that. The strange thing about the competitions this last year has been the large amounts of rumbling/complaining online/offline. It would be great to muck rake, but really it's just trying to deny the truth of the competitions. They aren't fair and here in the US, they are a tool for businesses as much as a stage for barista. I make no bones about any of it nor do I really care enough to call out unfair.

Anyway, I will go to competition and take a shot at Regionals. My friends will go and try to place. We make no complaints about what the competitions are and who is favored. We will represent as best we can and that's all we can do. Winning and all the politics aren't as important so much as representing myself, standing up for what I believe, the roasters I use, and most importantly representing my friends... well. I want to get on stage and say what I have to say and then feel proud and that's all that matters.

Maybe it's time for discussion about a Barista Cup(think NordicBC) in the US that is not tied to the SCAA? No more politics, no more egos, and just about having fun and advocating for barista? It's a thought.