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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

North East Barista Jam and NY NY

There will be a north east jam, info on the flyer. I probably won't be attending as I really need to get focused. If I do go, it will be to bring a few other barista to attend. It's not that I'm not into seeing Co and the gang, but rather you have to trust I got some things in the works I need to focus on.

I will be in New York Monday Sept 11. I intend to stop by Grumpies and give them a quality check on the Ecco they are serving. It's a bit shocking to hear of other people into Anrdew's stuff but always cool to know people appreciate quality.

Hopefully, I can stop by Brooklyn and visit Chris Owens or one of the cats on bar at Gimme. I hope my schedule lays out where I can hit both and have some time but I am there on business so play time is limited.

I don't visit a lot of bars anymore. I am always looking for that expression. A statement in the coffee. It often doesn't happen. Even the best known bars I visited at the trade shows felt weak at best. I still prefer Gimme's brooklyn location over most of the shops I have visited on the east coast not because of ambiance but because I was pegged as a coffee afficianado by the barista simply sitting at the booth. In retrospect, it probably was CO. That alone told me there were some serious people there.

Simliarly, I enjoy 9th street as it was one of those early influences on me that left an impression. Being able to say, what, they can get away with doing that and still make money?!?! It was later that I came upon how simple the idea was and why it made so much sense. Focus on the coffee and you will be fine.