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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Winding down... my last few days here. It's really weird. I've been keeping myself busy doing a research project on sugars for coffeed. I was literally enthralled and read and reread several chapters the other day. It led me into some fabulous information, a few dead ends, and one wrong direction. It gave me so much more understanding of how green ages, how sugars affect flavors, browning reactions, volatile gases, and the roles of lipids. I am putting together a side list of descriptors and the possible chemicals contributors underneath. Ever taste butter in coffee, it's beacuse the same defining odor causing chemical in butter is in coffee. It's overwhelming.

I'm not abandoning the blog but there is little for me to post about right now. I will be looking for some Yirgacheffe tonight as we finally got our samples from Terroir but that's small news.