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Monday, June 21, 2010

LB-1 notes

The luminaire bravo 1 articulated water delivery system engineering team is moving along. We have been using the 'defiant' bench prototype in shop for some time now. We are looking forward to the newest upgrades and digital displays that will come end of summer. Even more than that, we are excited to see it go into production end of the year.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

El Salvador Las Nubes

This coffee comes to us in grainpro and has held up extremely well. Warm pecan notes yield to a sweet and buttery mouthfeel with notes of apricot. Recommended as a v60, this coffee is sweet!

Next new coffee, Costa Rica returns to our menu!

New Wabi Sabi series espresso: the Villain

The newest installment in our Wabi series is a nod to the classic espresso with a clean stylizing. We paired an El Salvador roasted for sweetness and mouth feel with a Brazil roasted for body to get something simple but endearing.

The las Nubes (El Salvador) has a very sweet pecan, buttery textural notes, with a apricot fruit underneath. The Sao Judas Tedu (Brazil) has a deep body of chocolate and hazelnut that lingers into a pleasant finish as an espresso. The pairing of the two makes for a very balanced offering. Makes for a great classic shot but also holds it's own in a short cappuccino.

The name is a nod to our slightly quirky string of Wabi Sabi names involving somewhat nefarious references. We thought a nod to the black hat/white hat concept fits right in with an espresso that is a bit out of character compared to our previous Wabis.

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