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Thursday, September 07, 2006

If I ever get into syrups please shoot me...

Today was long. I worked on helping get this kid Ben up to speed. He knows an amazing amount about the coffee scene and seems to really follow it. I can only hope to really get him into cupping and really help him build a palate. I think Ben may take over some of the coffee program at Simon's. I would be thrilled if he can keep it going. I feel a bit proud leaving as to what I accomplished felt really special.

I had a sit down with Silas for a bit today. Silas is my friend who is into tea and often cups tea with a well known pro in our region. We like to say Tea Sommolier because if you could see someone so passionate about sharing tea flavors as I am about coffee, it would be Silas. Silas was wondering if we are alone sometimes or if it is just the beginning of something bigger and culinary. A movement or a change in direction for a lot of us. It's a valid question. In some ways it's scary that as our group gets larger, there are enough of us nuts out there to make a bunch.

On another topic... I will probably take my postponed trip to San Francisco in October instead of this month. Silas plans on going and maybe we should all take a much needed vacation. Forewarning to SF shops and Ecco Caffe included.