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Thursday, September 21, 2006

SACC and next months agenda...

So, the two of you who have followed this blog from the begining know about the Saturday Afternoon Coffee Club(silly name, fun event). It was a group of us who just started meeting up every weekend and cupping coffee. It was a pain in the butt to get together but we did it pretty religiously for a little while. Nowadays we meet up whenever three of us can get together. Easier said than done. This weekend, we are going to get back into it. At least seven people this time, a little wine, some coffee, food, and an infinite amount of coffee philosophizing to happen. I'm excited because I really need to get some time away to do some fun things in the next few weeks.

Speaking of fun, when CO gets back from the Nordic cup, a few of us will try to make a visit to NY for some coffee and serious cupping fun. Mouthwatering cuppers unite! Haha

I am taking the time off right now to tie up some loose ends and show some love to friends. I will be shipping packages to all corners of the US and even one overseas. I can't explain how irritating it is for me to attempt to ship things out until I talked to Jennifer(proud to say she was a Simon's regular) at Terroir the other day. One really nice kid covering a bit for her dad over at Acton. Anyway, It's expensive because it's on my dime and a pain to get organized, but why not do it? I am looking forward to getting feedback to really try and relate through the cup. Tasting great things is fine but sharing that cup with others means so much more to me. I think I speak for Silas & Ben when I say it's no fun alone. You just become bitter and angry when you can't relate.

Speaking of Silas, he and I will be in San Francisco mid October to let off steam, tour the city, and of course visit Andrew and Steve at Ecco. After that, I am hoping some generous and kind business owners will be nice enough to let me 'guest barista' a shift so I can really get out and about more, have an excuse to travel, and have some fun in a new environment.