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Monday, January 23, 2012

A busy week

Friday the 13th was the Reanimator event at Voltage. It was a great turnout on a cold night to drink beers and watch a movie. There was no competition but a heck of a lot of camaraderie. A big thanks to Lucy and Voltage for being gracious hosts as well as our own Steve Jaunzemis (future dwelltime'r) for putting the event together. We are excited to see many more events in that space over the next year.

This past Tuesday, Ben Pratt, Tyler, Pete, and I went to the Providence Coffee Society throw down held at New Harvest Roasters. It was a great event and a lot of fun. They set it up as a latte art competition with single elimination rounds. I ended up dusting off the old steaming pitcher and getting back into the fray. Oddly enough, it was Ben vs myself in the final round and Ben edged me out ever so slightly! Since Ben won, he chose me as his partner for the next event which was a one arm latte art throw down. That meant I was the left arm and Ben was the right arm for espresso all the way through latte art. Needles to say, it was fun even though we had little success in that one.

On Thursday night was the big event at dwelltime, the first Boston TNT of what will be a monthly recurring industry event. Pete Cannon, who will move over from barismo to dwelltime has been a main organizer for this not for profit barista focused event and is owed a lot of credibility for it's success. A special thanks to Jack's Abbey for donating a coffee beer with our El Bosque Yellow. The turnout according to the sign in book topped 100! Huge success and congrats to Chuck for taking the prize money. Next month, we'll have to go take it back when Render Coffee hosts the next one.

This Saturday we had several appointments in NYC and ended up dropping by the hugely hyped Coffee Common pop up. It inspired to start thinking that our local coffee community could easily arrange something focused around the quality local roasters we have here. Talking about fresh roast, fresh ground, and fresh brew methods with quality local roasters would be a lot of fun and would be easy to organize. As a small batch regional roaster, it seems odd there are so many events with roasters and people from the opposite coast when the talent and quality coffee exists here to support such endeavors.

That was a busy week with a lot of educational experiences a nd a lot of fun in between. We are looking forward to doing a lot more in the coming months and really getting back to tastings and events the way we had int he past. Keep an eye on our twitter for updates going forward.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Re-Animator Tasting and Screening this Friday

This Friday, Voltage Coffee and Barismo are teaming up for a tasting of our Re-Animator espresso. The tasting will also feature a screening of the cult classic, and the espresso’s namesake, Re-Animator. Dave Kehr of the Chicago Reader said of the movie, “it's this kind of flat-footed stuff that gives garbage a bad name.” You’re gonna LOVE IT! Clown Shoes, one of our favorite breweries, will be providing the good libations. Here are the details:

What: Re-Animator Screening & Tasting
Where: Voltage Coffee, 295 3rd Street, Cambridge, MA
When: This Friday, the 13th of January, from 7-10PM

This event is open to members of the coffee community and press only. Please RSVP at


Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Limited release Jack's Abby beer with Barismo coffee available tonight.

Tonight at Redbones in Davis Square, Somerville, there will be a small batch of Smoke and Dagger from Jack's Abby on cask. This beer has been dry-hopped with our Kenya Ruthangati. Jack's Abby produces some of the most delicious craft lagers around. We're really excited to see how this beer came out. We'll see you at the Bones!