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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Remains of the day...

Lunch with Ben and talking some usual coffee prognostications. Most of the week I have been rocking some shots of Karindundu from Terroir(don't try this at home). It took a good bag to get it down to where I like it but I realized this coffee needs some rest before it really pops. Most of the time coffees from Terroir come fresh and ready to go but die quickly. I don't know about home users but in a commercial setting the coffees die quickly once they are opened.

Damn this was nice once I nailed it. I wish the temperatures were more rock steady because I pulled an americano that was sweet. Really really sweet. The descriptors of blackberry and bittersweet caramel were present and hjumping out at me. it was really good. Straight up tasty. I took it home with me it was so good. Before i left, I let Simon taste a bit and he was quite surprised. He was expecting citrus and he got dark berries and a layer of chocolate. goood, really good and yet not Tegu. then again, only Tegu is Tegu. What strikes me here is that is first bag that I really got it and nailed it where I enjoyed it a lot. Many of the previous tastes as drip or traditional cuppings left me wanting more. I was saying things like 'the roast kills it' or the coffee just isn't popping'. Today there was clarity and I was satisfied. Maybe it's time to have a jam with some of these 'coffee shots'.
Remains of the Kenya Americano