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Monday, July 10, 2006

Gimme doing some SOS

Having worked with Gimme! Coffee's new Single Origin Espresso for a few days, I have a few things to say. First off, it was a very generous freebie that I was not expecting and much thanks to Janet for thinking of us.

Extraction parameters- 16-18g 1-1.25oz Double 24-26sec @ 199F-201F

I found the heavier dose and higher temps to be a natural fit for this espresso. Subtle would be the way to describe it as nothing jumps out at you. It was lightly chocolate at this extraction. Very tight ristretto. The aftertaste produces something of a orange-esque flavor reminiscent of candied fruit. many noted the sweetness of the espresso and it's flavor similarity in relation to other offerings from Gimme!. It really follows the lineage of gimme's somewhat dark roast styles and is what I would usually associate with a french roast from GHH. I would love to see this coffee in a lighter roast where I could really taste more origin flavorsat a large volume such as a 1.75 oz double. This would sacrifice body but let me feel more of the uniqueness of the coffee. Something I don't think they could do given that the standard practice is the tight triple at Gimme. Being a Cup of Excellence Colombia coffee means it will probably be subtle, complex, and sweet. There was little citrus in the cup as this had been roasted out if present.

On a side note, this espresso fared well as a triple ristretto in a cappuccino and cut through the milk without losing much. I honestly feel this is part of the growth phase for Gimme and that this is definately a step in the right direction for them. Getting into SOS and CoE is definately a good thing. Fans of the triple ristretto and bottomless portafilters will be in heaven with this coffee.