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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Etching sucks...

Occasionaly I get bored and etch. Etching is one of those thngs a lot of shops do but I really push away from it for a few reasons. I don't like sticking things like toothpick or thermo in a drink. I realize anyone can etch but not everyone can pour an exceptional rosetta.

In some ways, I like to avoid it because I don't want to detract from the coffee. Yeah, syrups, powders, and all that detract. I probably should do an etch using only white space and crema every now and then to keep people on their toes with drinks.

There is this one lady who comes in every day for a skim latte. Same thing every day. She is one of the few who came before I started working at Simon's and is still here. One day she elaborated to me how she would drink the drink right handed just so she could face the rosetta as she drank it. She is left handed. After that I started pouring the rosetta for lefty and she flipped. She was very satisfied. It was the other day when I was interrupted mid pour by a customer question that I was left with a Monk. Yes a boring white circle in the drink. So I grabbed the thermometer and quickly etched out a butterflyfor her. Very simple if you think about it. I realized what was important was that I knew she cared. Not that I dislike etching or what machismo counter etchics we have but that she knew I would do my best to make and serve her the best drink I could. palm tree

Etching still sucks though ;-p