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Friday, July 07, 2006

Gimme Coffee ... Ecco... Terroir... and then...

There is something heartening when I receive a package from a roaster. It's like a little gift sent down that I must open. This morning some more packages from Andrew arrived. Nice little gifts of retail bags and some poundage of his Northern Italian roast. We have been clearing the retail bags of Ecco very quickly. In fact, last weeks shipment cleared the same day.

Still, It's that moment when you open a new box of coffees you didn't quite expect to arrive and you are curious to see what's inside. Something unexpected but pleasantly appreciated. I am begining to think It's that constant flow of new coffees every week from different roasters that breaks the monotony of day to day work. I mean you can only polish your double and triple rosettas so many times before you get bored. (To you know who.... my latte art did not peak... my best days are not behind me... hehe) Knowing that each week can bring new espresso to try and curious new experiences. That is motivation. Only a few days ago we were so low on coffees(because of an unexpectedly busy holiday weekend), we had to have someone from Terroir drive coffees over to us.

I was down to S Daterra and Decaf. Now I've got some more Ecco. I also pulled some
shots of the Karindundu (consider it unorthodox).

As I was in my usual morning routine another package arrived from Gimme coffee via UPS. I was not prepared for the CoE Colombia that arrived inside. I remember Simon saying something about 'some SOS from Gimme' but with little or no details before he jaunted off to California. Typical Simon type stuff. So.... I moved Decaf over out of the way and ponied up some of the Colombia to evaluate it. yeah, we got way too much coffee. I may just have to sit on the coffees I pick up from Esselon Roasters when I visit Scott Rao's new project in Western Mass. I probably will offer it up and see how people like it anyway. Nothing worse than people coming in and saying what's the next guest.... better for me to have plenty to challenge them ahead of time.

Feeling good about coffee and espresso right now.