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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Make Time for Introspection

I first discovered barismo in August 2009 when the company was just shy of one year old. I had heard inklings about this, then new, Boston area coffee roaster aiming to roast quality coffee and I was intrigued. The Arlington roastery back then was a quite place, but the coffees shared were excellent, and the level of conversation about the coffee was serious. I was interested in learning as much as I could, and everyone at barismo was interested in sharing that knowledge.

barismo has always been about ideas. Perhaps that is what drew me in initially, those ideas definitely kept me coming back, and eventually brought me into the company fulltime. March 2011 is when I did one of my first projects, it was the barismo wordmark hand-cut out of black vinyl lettering on an acrylic panel. This was barismo's first real 'sign' in the Arlington location after almost two and a half years of operation.

A little over two years later I find myself in a new roasting space in Somerville, in a more mature company, surrounded by a wider community that has excitement for the ideas that first brought me into the company. And here I am creating another barismo sign.

Just like the first, this one is made by hand, black 'barismo' letters painted on a white wall at the Somerville space. As coffee roasters I think we have always considered ourselves people who make things and we have an enourmous amount of satisfaction from the fact that we make this product right here in the local community, for our community.

Those two signs that I made are both quite simple in concept. Similarly our message as a coffee roaster has always been simple yet profound: transparency, quality, freshness. These shape our decision making at every step of the way, we are constantly moving ahead, and ever introspective.

As I finish the final touches on the sign and the new space, is a poignant time to reflect on how barismo has grown in the last couple of years that I have been with the company. Beyond all of the experience and knowledge that barismo has imparted thus far, I have solidified two lifelong habits that others here reiterate:
  • I know that I will always make things.
  • I will always be introspective about what it means to support that ethos.

Coffee is amazingly complex and enjoyable, both drinking it and learning more about it. Of course I happen to love the coffee barismo puts out there and feel ever critical to refine and make it better. However I do not encourage anyone to simply adopt brand loyalty for barismo. I think those who have found barismo love the way the coffee tastes and the ideas that we operate under just happen to really resonate. make things...think about it. - @timborrego

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Stay tuned for Classes at barismo's new space at
The Aeronaut Hub, 14 Tyler St, Somerville MA 

We'll be re-launching our education programs this spring at our new roastery location at The Aeronaut Hub in Union Square, Somerville. All our classes are taught by our knowledgeable and experienced baristas. Our new class list will offer expanded content during weekend afternoons. More details coming soon. Check Here for Updates!