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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Delivering on Fresh: @BarismoBike

Delivering on Fresh:'s Jackie Coolican, manager of barismo's coffee shipments and (literally) the driving force behind our cargo bike system.

bike.barismo is the driving force behind our local coffee supply chain.  The majority of the coffee we roast is provided to our partners via cargo bicycle for next day delivery.  Our approach (although maybe not too common in the Boston community yet!) allows us to connect with our partners in person on a weekly basis. Face-to-face interactions let us build and maintain close relationships with the coffee people we know, community we live in, and bike the neighborhoods we love. This unique delivery model allows us to focus on local employment.  Instead of recruiting big businesses like a FedEx or UPS to do our delivering for us, we see a new possibility the community has provided us. In addition to that, another perk is the reduced carbon footprint we (don't) leave.  The many costs that come with shipping, such as the fuel used in transporting such amounts of coffee and the waste of shipping material (boxes, plastic wrappings, etc.) are avoided through the use of the bicycle.  Shipping centers and cardboard boxes don't improve quality anyways.

-Follow the freshness with @BarismoBike -

Evaluating for Quality: barismo's founder and GM, Jaime van Schyndel breaks down why the support of cafe owners/managers is the driving force behind what we do.

At some point, every small coffee bar asks customers to support them as the local independent option.  As an independent regional roaster, we have in turn asked these same local coffee bars to support us for similar reasons.  Just like a coffee shop asks you to shop local, a roaster looks for support in the manufacture local model.  It has it's benefits in quality control, relationship building, and reduced shipping costs/carbon foot print, but it takes an investment in change to get there.

We at barismo feel like it's becoming more of a common sense argument for how to build a sustainable business.  We get the added benefits while continuing to support an expanding coffee community we are actively living and working in.  It is not without it's hurdles, but I have come to realize the cafes we work with are the real keys to our success.  They have the courage to step up and get involved in a quality driven model built on solid relationships and the need for participation at every level.  Their involvement is supporting us to go farther, dig deeper, and invest more at every step.  We have been humbled and are thankful for the support the community has provided us over the years.

While this coffee community grows, we are working to be a guiding force for quality and transparency.  Staying true to our mission statement, investing in farm level relationships, improving quality every year, and attempting to avoid the pitfalls of doing things just because they are trendy.  What makes this possible is having partners that are willing to go along with us in this journey.

This week, while you are around town, dropping into your local coffee shop, do us a favor and tell them thanks for being a part of this process.  @jaime_vans

Keep it local Arlington, MA: barismo's original location is going through some changes, Rob Rodriguez gives us some hints as to the future of 171 Mass Ave, Arlington, MA.

In case you are wondering, the coffee bar at 171 Mass Ave in Arlington, MA isn't going anywhere.  With all the changes going on over here while Barismo roasting moves into Somerville, it’s been easy to overlook some of the many changes that will happen here in Arlington. In particular, our location in Arlington is to experience a metamorphosis. What does that mean for the coffeebar at 171 Mass. Ave.?

To put it simply, a lot.

I believe it means a significantly new sense of identity for the space. While much of what makes Barismo unique is inherently a part of the roastery, the ability to express a love and fascination with coffee is essential to our work here in Arlington. Our focus here will be to reach back to the roots of what defined barismo to begin with. The ability for customers to enter the shop with a renewed sense of excitement and engage a barista about coffee is paramount. Just as important will be to impart a new conceptual outlook, while making sure the coffeebar’s environment is warm and appealing.

In the meantime, we got approval last year for outdoor seating.  As the weather gets nicer, we'll be putting seats out on the 'patio'.  Drop by as we've got Cambridge Coldbrew coffee in bottles and soon to be on tap at 171.  We also have a twitter account dedicated to us, check it out for updates on hours and last minute changes.

- Stay updated Arlington @CoffeeBar171