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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Getting Back to barismo 1.0

Evaluating for Quality: Jaime VanSchyndel gives you a bit of info on barismo's new Somerville location at The Aeronaut Hub, as well as some of our hopes and goals for the new neighbourhood. Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to see the new space!

The first barismo was a one-on-one experience.  Back then, there were two of us and we worked every day.  When one of us got sick or needed a day off, the shop was closed.  If you came in during a roasting session, you'd have to wait for an interval to get a bag of coffee.  We didn't serve coffee and it was really more of a whole bean bar.  While we didn't sell coffee, you could come in and taste something, try a brew method we had on the table, then get a bag of freshly roasted coffee.  If you came in after a roasting session, you got a chance to hang out and talk about methods, processing, or really just engage about great coffee shops.  This is what we want to present at the new space in Somerville.  We want to get back to an experience where you can pick our brains and really get to as deep a level as you want to go about your coffee.

The roasting setup will be open air in front of a stage where you can watch and even interact with the roaster.  There will be ongoing tastings not only of coffee, but beers by Aeronaut, foods from other vendors and an array of collaborative tastings.  We are scheduling presentations soon by our Kenyan coffee source this year, some farm partners will visit, technology and new product demos, as well as an assortment of presentations about our fresh crop coffees as they arrive. We will do classes in this space at varying hours on the weekends on an array of topics.

We hope to host a lot of serious coffee industry events and gatherings for the coffee community.  Surely the lure of Somerville's new brewery can get even the most stubborn barista to come out to the space.

Stay Fresh Updates: Events, classes and education, new coffees, and much more. Sign up for updates here! We have a ton of events coming up as you can see, remember to follow us on twitter as well for up to the minute info. 

Friday, April 11, 2014 from 6pm-8pm 
Why Did We Do This? Origin Stories at Voltage Coffee
Local cafe owners Lucy Valena and Simon Yu will be sharing about their experiences visiting Direct Trade farms in Guatemala. Happening at Voltage Coffee & Art in Kendall Square this Friday! Sign up free at Join us for an evening of stories, photos, and good company.

Sunday, April 20, 2014 from 5pm-7pm 
Espresso 101 class at barismo's new space at 

The Aeronaut Hub, 14 Tyler St, Somerville MA 
"A barista will explain grinding, tamping, and more, then watch as you pull shot after shot. Like an espresso coach, he’ll give you pointers on everything from your mouse tails to your brew’s hue. Small classes are taught monthly on Sunday nights" - from a recent Boston Globe article featuring barismo's Espresso 101 class. Sign up Here!