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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

dwelltime's Too (April Fools People!)

logo concept, as drawn by the Wildflower Montessori kids during
an intense lunch meeting at dwelltime on Broadway in Cambridge

From the Arlington Patch
April Fools! Ok, we had some laughs over the Arlington Patch's post of our plans for naming the space 'dwelltime's Too'. We hope you were in on the joke, but to clarify we will Not be calling the space 'dwell x 2'. The East Arlington location will however be getting a dwelltime style renovation once the production space is fully moved. We will give updates as the project progresses, but the real facts of this story are as follows: 
  • Naming of the space is still TBD, but "The Refined Pallet" and "swell time" will not be considered for naming of the renovated space.
  • Expect an expanded dwelltime style cafe dining area at the Arlington space.
  • It is not Gus Rancatore's Birthday today.
  • You could wish Gus a merry unbirthday tomorrow at Toscanini's and you Will be served a Free spoon size sample of ice cream.

Original Post Below:

Evaluating for Quality: Jaime VanSchyndel gives you a bit of info on barismo's 171 Mass Avenue, Arlington location. Stay tuned for more updates and timeline on the revamped space!

Our East Arlington location at 171 Mass Ave is slated for some big changes this coming summer. As barismo moves into the Union Square Somerville neighborhood at the Aeronaut Launch, the East Arlington space is gearing up to reclaim the old roastery production space for more cafe service. With the redirection of the space into a full service coffeebar (a la dwelltime) we plan to change the name to match the new direction.

After much thought and deliberation we felt that it was necessary to keep the barismo name separate from the roastery division. The most logical step was to rename the revamped space 'dwelltime', however to avoid any confusion with the Broadway 'dwelltime' we have settled on 'dwelltime's Too'

We had some excellent runners up including 'The Refined Pallet' (which reflects our love for reclaimed pallet wood that the coffee comes delivered on) and 'swell time' (since most of our text messages auto correct 'dwelltime' to 'swell time' anyway). Once the roastery is fully transitioned to the new space we will be hosting a grand relaunch of the new dwelltime's Too. Stay tuned for details.

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Tuesday, April 1st, 2014 9am-11pm
Gus Rancatore's Birthday Bash at Toscanini's
Stop by Toscanini’s all day to wish Gus Rancatore a very happy birthday! Free spoon sized samples of Ice Cream will be available throughout the day (feel free to stop by on Wenesday the 2nd to wish him a very merry un-birthday if you are not able to attend on the 1st.)