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Friday, October 28, 2011

The barismo video series launches

We have started shooting videos around the shop here at barismo. This is our very first and we have more in production that we are excited to share with you. Each video takes a brief look at topics that are crucial to how we approach coffee, be it buying, roasting, or brewing. We have different members of the staff participating so you will also have a chance to get to know who we are as well.

To set up this first video, we asked Silas Moulton our Green Buyer to talk about Microlots. This year from El Bosque we were able to produce some excellent coffees with varietal lot separations, just one of the many great things that our Direct Relationship Coffee Program has been able to offer us this year.

It has been a great exercise and a lot of fun for us to revisit and articulate our core principles. Also don't forget to watch the outtakes at the end, enjoy!