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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

In-shop manual options video

Our interim barista, Tyler Ferris, gives a simple overview of the manual brew methods that we offer in-shop at barismo. Tyler will be at dwelltime in Cambridge once it opens up.

Many of our customers are familiar with our offerings at barismo. However, a large number of people that stop in and visit us have never seen such a thorough per-cup drip program in action. We seem to answer this question quite a bit: could you tell me about your manual brew options?

It was great for us to write the script for this video, it has even helped some of our newer staff to better articulate our per-cup program. We were able to break down our three manual drip methods to give you an idea of why we use each method and perhaps peak your curiosity about ones you have not tried out yet.

To read a bit more on filters and depth filtration check out some earlier posts by Jaime that our readers have found useful. Feel free to stop by 169 Mass Ave in Arlington and we can offer recommendations about which coffees like to use for the different methods or answer any other questions you have about our per-cup options.