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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hawaii Five, Limited Release

The limited release coffee we are offering this week, is Kainlaiu, an excellent Hawaiian coffee that Silas was able to arrange for us. We have only 5 available online and a few more in shop so get yours while it lasts! Here is a excerpt explaining how this Maragogype varietal coffee came to be...

"At the very top of this 20 acre farm, about two acres of Maragogype varietal was accidentally planted five or six years ago. The seedstock for this varietal came from the nearby UH-CTAHR extension station, which maintains a varietal collection. Somehow when the pickers were collecting seed for planting, they wandered onto some trees of Maragogype."

"Our friend Miguel Meza cupped a mixed harvest lot last year and while a little faded and un-ripe picked, saw a lot of potential. Miguel had the farm do a test batch of natural for the last picking in 2010. Beginning with the new crop in October, he had them keep the harvests separate. The cup possesed a very unique peach-apricot flavor and had very heavy mouthfeel. The next three big harvests, (November, December, and February), the picking was much riper and the cup pretty fantastic."
"Through Miguel Meza who served as a production consultant we were able to secure this meticulously processed and well-grown coffee. This is the prefect example of a coffee that under the right conditions does not have to be at a high growing elevation to produce an excellent cup. We appreciate the hard work of our partners and are proud to share with you some of the best coffee to ever come out of Hawaii."

- Silas Moulton, barismo green buyer