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Monday, June 05, 2006

Shots of Kenyans of course...

Given the depth of Tegu and the sweetness therein, I wonder if that experience will be repeated or even outdone anytime soon. As Ben noted, the most ibteresting experiences have come lately from Kenyans.

I sampled the Kenyan Kiambu Rioki over the last week. I was looking for the plush tomato citrus you get from the Tegu. I got something I was describing as blackberry/mulberry. The tomato cirtus was toned down and the sweetness was not as prominent as the Tegu but it was still a fantastic cup. The ever present sweetness in the aftertaste was excellent. That pleasing mouthwatering effect is something that lingers in the memory long after the flavors disappear.

It was excellent plush dark berries in the cup and surprisingly more savory than I was expecting. We typically associate the savory flavor of beef in Tegu with a too dark roast or brew temperature being too high but I got the feeling the savory flavors in this were inherent to the bean not other factors.

On a side note: Spinach like flavors are major off flavors. I got a disgusting pea soup flavor out of a few samples brewed way too hot.