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Friday, June 09, 2006

Quick notes on the Beans from Ecco Caffe

Please note beforehand that these were freebies so we may be a bit biased by Andrew's generosity....

We broke crust on these both and tasted them. three cuppers today... Sorry no pics... yet. These are raw notes here...

#1 Andrew's North Italian Roast

A honey sweetness followed by a strong but smooth cocoa(Andrew called it baker's cocoa) while the cup was still hot. Nuts are present and so is some fruit flavor. Buttery, smooth and a thick palate coating flavor. Milk chocolate as the cup cooled.

Since it was an espresso designed for commercial use, we added some milk... Think Caramel Chocolate Rolos.

Will pull shots over the weekend as it was just too gassy today.

Ben noted that Andrew's roasts always yield tones of chocolate but caramel in milk.

#2 Brazil CoE

First smell in crust... Nuts... all kinds of nuts.
Clean fruity, floral, tones of chocolate. Clover honey as it cools and apricots/dried fruits. Fragrant aftertaste with a clean effervescent feeling.

Cocoa, honey sweet, with nuts but a subtle and clean yet amazingly complex flavor. Not for those with dull palates, this has complexity that escapes our simple tongues.

I will be drinking this one the next few days.

Brazils are no matter how great still Brazils. They are nutty and mild when clean. It's just, (wait for the imagery here) they never knock you down and kick you the way an amazing Kenyan does. Brazils are really subtle in comparison. that said this was a great Brazil. The floral was surprising and unexpected in this cup and I will definately go forward with more tastes later. I will be interested to see what Simon says.

A special thanks to Andrew for the coffee. I really can't express how appreciative I am of him and the respect I have for him.