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Monday, April 24, 2006


So I was looking for some new brazils to try lately. Thinking about doing a Daterra espresso tasting. House espresso has been getting dark enough for tight ristretto. Not a bad thing for us lately as we have so many people asking for shots of everything. But I was thinking of this lineup...

Ecco Caffe Daterra Reserve

Cafe Fresco Daterra Reserve

Atomic Cafe Daterra Reserve

+ one more undecided Daterra

I am thinking this would be an excellent way for people to understand roasting differences. All three of the roasters have very different philosophies and by comparing the same beans with different roasts, it might help define peoples palates. This might be a bit advanced for some people to attend but I think we have to think ambitiously and stop mucking about.

I'm thinking of serving 25 persons and closing the shop early to accomodate:
A service of singles of each espresso so no one OD's and also to speed things up.
I am guessing that service of 2 by 2 would be best. Meaning each person will receive two contrasting single espresso at once to evaluate.

Effectively 50 shots pulled by two stations is 25 shots*2min each side in an hour. That allows plenty of time for waste if we assume an hour and a half tasting. Maybe my math is wrong here.

Cannot forget water cups... very important.

A tasting like this could effectively define peoples palate as to what they like or what they are tasting.

Ideas are welcome.