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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Aerobie Aeropress in house....

Notes from a review of the Aerobie Aeropress:

There were in between brews but I will just post the overview notes and skim through it all.

Brewing with the Aerobie Aeropress @ 4oz

Coffee :Kenya Tegu

12g 45s 196F - Used same parameters as it was brewed on the Clover. Dry, astringent.

12g 35s 192F - Close but very dull

32g 35s 192F - Concentrated. Midtones there but no high notes. Only savory notes
of tomato but no plush berry citrus. Really dull as it cooled

Coffee : Yirgacheffe

12g 35s 198F - Thin

18g 35s 198F - Dull but close to drip. Really lacking in character.

22g 35s 198F - Best Intensity but missing high notes. Tastes tea like but no
lemon or fruit. Boring.

Yirg didn't really pop as it does when i brew it as drip.

Aeropress Impressions: Coffees strangely lacked aromas. No high notes and really
not popping the Tegu. Inoffensive but not working with a lot of coffee in there.
Strange that the aroma of the grounds was not present in the brewed cup. This does not compare to a Clover at all.

Brewing with French Press @ 12oz

Coffee : Yirgacheffe

21g 4min 198F - Too light

24g 4min 198F - Darjeeling Tea and dried fruit

Brewing with espresso and adding water to make a 4oz Americano

Coffee : Yirgacheffe

18g 28s 194F 2oz - Dry Citric

19g 28s 191F 2.25oz - Buttery. Sweet Dates. Clean. Dried fruit and Tea. Comparable
to last FP of Yirg but citrus pops as cools. Beautiful aroma.

19g 28s 189F 2.25oz - dull. Really dull.

Impressions of espresso: I need to experiment more with this as it really holds
so much promise and wastes very little coffee to get the full flavor. The Americano
technique really brings something out of these coffees. Got to get PeterL in
to cup this as he can truly give us comparison on what is added or missing by
doing this.


Using the Aeropress seems to sacrifice quality for convenience. Why not get
a French Press? I talked briefly with Peter and it seems he ran into the same
conclusions. We will cup it more later but initial results are it is a big well
made syringe that doesn't work for high grade coffees.

It is not espresso and does not compare in any way to espresso.