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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

El Bosque, in Pursuit of Quality

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New plot of Villa Sarchi at El Bosque
On the Ground: barismo's (el presidente) Jaime VanSchyndel reports from El Bosque in Guatemala for the 2014 crop. This is barismo's fifth year working with El Bosque, and we are excited to share developments of this 100% exclusive Direct Trade partnership. Stay tuned for more info as we build up to the arrival of this years various lots.

El Bosque is one of our most beloved farms and the huge reinvestment this farm has undergone is getting closer to realization. Located in the state of Chimaltenango near Parramos, I recently dropped by El Bosque to see the new varietals that are growing on the farm. They have the older Bourbon trees still in a few places which are topped, trimmed, and regrowing while producing moderate yields. Along with that plot are new plantings from the seeds of those old trees of heirloom Bourbon next to a plot with a number of newer dwarf Bourbon trees. These dwarf trees grow only three to four feet tall and are often called Bourboncito. While easier to pick and care for, the flavors are not as strong and distinct as the older trees. Beyond the Bourbon lots, there are several other new plantings we are excited about. Bosque now has Villa Sarchi planted, which many of you will associate with our Costa Rican coffees. The Villa Sarchi has always cupped well on other farms in Guatemala so we have big expectations. There is also some Yellow cherry planted on Bosque that needs identification but looks close to Caturra (some people argue if it's yellow it's likely Catuai). There's also some Pacamara and Gesha growing in a small test plots but these all need to be sampled at the end of harvest to see their potential. After five years, this farm is turning the corner on the agricultural side.
- Jaime | follow on twitter @jaime_vans and this blog for continued updates on this years harvest.

Evaluating for Quality: barismo's Roastery Manager, Tim Borrego revisits the reasons behind barismo's commitment to our specific brand of Direct Trade. The details always matter.

As a roastery, barismo is dedicated to what I like to think of as the pursuit of an authentic, quality focused product. Over the past five years as a local coffee roaster we have seen customers respond with overwhelming support for what we are doing, and we are grateful to see an amazingly complex product like coffee given the room to develop into what it is today. We have seen these same customers dive deep into the information that is offered and the stories behind the Direct Trade coffees that we promote. As we continue to introduce ourselves to new neighborhoods and new customers we hope that the message of our pursuit of quality is not boiled down to simply flavor experiences. Yes, we are confident in what we like and we hope to share that with you, but the relationships we develop behind these coffees are crucial to the sustainability of what we do. Direct Trade for us is about: seeking quality product at a sustainable price, working with appropriately sized (small) farms, developing sustainable long-term working relationships with producers based on mutual goals and respect. As we continue to give updates this buying season and as we release new crop coffees this year we want to give you more of that story and remind you that the mission behind our Direct Trade program at barismo is what makes this viable. We do not simply seek viability in the short term, rather, we have a long healthy future in mind, that is real Sustainability.
- Tim | check the blog for updates and contact directly at

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Thursday, February 20, 2014 from 7pm-10pm
Third Thursday Event at Brooklyn Boulders Somerville
Meet the roasters and taste some coffee! barismo will be hanging out at Brooklyn Boulders in Somerville serving up some samples of cold brew introducing ourselves to new neighbors. If you have not been to this excellent climbing gym in the heart of Somerville check them out online and on twitter @BKBSomerville

We will also be at Brooklyn Boulders for the "It takes Two" competition once it is rescheduled, see the BKBS website for more info.

Saturday, February 22, 2014 from 9:30am-2pm
barismo at the Somerville Winter Farmers Market
Grab a freshly roasted retail bag of barismo coffee from the well stocked selection, as well as a fresh, made-to-order pourover or a delicious cup of cold brew iced coffee. Catch us early cause it gets busy fast! We are there every week through the entire market. More info about the market from their facebook page or on twitter @SomWinterMarket