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Monday, October 14, 2013

Coffee Shots

Years ago before barismo was roasting coffee, we were busy conducting varied experiments in brewing. One of the early variations in espresso that we liked was nick-named 'the coffee shot'.  It wasn't quite the traditional approach. We were using some odd brew parameters where we were able to get exceptional results that simply couldn't be called espresso.

A 'coffee shot' is a single origin drip (not roasted for espresso)coffee pulled as a shot using a low temperature with a slightly higher yield in volume. The results are similar to what you'd expect from lever espresso machines but with the intensity of the particular coffee shining through.

To be served, it requires a dedicated grinder and five years ago it would have required an entire dedicated espresso machine! With new technology like the La Marzocco Strada that we have at dwelltime, we can operate individual group heads at different temperatures and different pressure profiles.  That means three different coffees at three different temperatures and three different profiles. blog fresh flash back: Coffee Shots

October 15th, 2013
Coffee Shots Menu

Panama Don Pachi Gesha

Kenya Thunguri SL28

*Those who show their registered ticket get their first shot of Thunguri for free. Register online at