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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Coffee Shots...

Ben is tweaking on calling the low temp extractions of drip coffees 'Coffee Shots'. Still putting together numbers on what is going on but we have a working theory and things are really taking shape.

Simon's is currently serving Peru Cecovesa as Coffee of the Day(or week...) and I am pulling it as espresso or coffee shots at Simon's. You can get a taste of it if anyone is curious about this experiment. The Peru makes a nice Americano as well as a straight double shot. Defined by dominant notes of nuts(hazelnut), malt, and clean citrus(ben suggests dried plum). Is it something I would drink everyday, no. Is it something I would like to have every now and then, yes. As a standalone experience, it is worth it.

I can't really qualify these shots as classic espresso. They lack the intensity and viscosity of the so called classic espresso and in particular don't compare to the ristretto style chocolate viscous extractions many favor. In essence they resemble the drip coffees with excellent clarity but with a thick creamy texture of espresso. The origin flavors jump out of the cup and are as obvious as a brick to the face. Well, not quite a brick, but it makes going back and tasting the drip easier to understand. Espresso brings clarity to the flavors and as I found myself saying in the shop: "It sure beats the hell out of drinking coffee."

I think we are all very excited about where this is taking us. I only wish I could serve it when the Ecco arrives and have the SOS, house, and guest running at once.