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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Moving forward

I am really quite ready for a vacation of sorts. A week in Taiwan buying teas and then to Japan for a few days in December. Highlights of the trips are of course visiting Tea Farms, Tea Research Centers, and visiting the factory where our roasters were built. In Japan, we will visit Hario glass mfg and the rest will be vacationing.

The plan once we get back will be quite ambitious. We have new shops opening using our coffee that will need our training and support. In that same time, we will be looking to audit our existing accounts/relationships and see how we can help them progress towards better coffee service in the local area. Classes, training sessions, and an ambitious barista certification program are on the list. I approach it with the idea that if you aren't moving forward, you are falling behind.

We are working behind the scenes diligently on several projects so our hands are quite full right now. The most exciting project with local community implications will be related to competitions. More on that and several equipment projects that we can talk about soon, but not yet.