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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Events: Nik's Competition Demo

Everybody knows by now that Nik from Taste Coffee House is going to the regional barista competition. Many of you have seen us those nights he has been working out his routine and a few who dropped in have been 'judges' and watched parts of his set.

Well, tomorrow night Nik will do his routine for the public since not everyone will be able to run down to Pittsburgh to support him. We welcome anyone who is interested to show up as part of the audience. We are looking for local barista to be 'sensory judges' in an attempt to give everyone the feel of the real stage show but obviously more cozy.

Nik's routine is already set so this would be entirely for fun and to give the public a chance to see what he will be going through on stage over the weekend. Wednesday, Feb 4th, at 6pm, Nik will demo his routine at barismo, 169 Mass Ave in Arlington, MA.