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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Event: Sunday Mar 1st 2-4pm 1736 Mass Ave Cambridge MA

This Sunday there will be a second showing in case you miss the first (or want to attend both) of Square Mile Espresso from the UK at Simon's on 1736 Mass Ave in Cambridge. This event will offer another of our west coast favorites on tap, Ritual Coffee Roasters. The espresso will be one of their 'Sweet Tooth' lineup and should be a nice contrast to the former WBC champ's blend.

On Saturday, you get to sample Andrew Barnett's Ecco Caffe espresso alongside the Squaremile Coffees (a very limited per cup drip offering of Finca Kilimanjaro from El Salvador will be offered but won't be cheap). Then on Sunday you get to sample the Square Mile Espresso up against Ritual Coffee's espresso. There is not much coffee to go around and it will go quickly so show up early!

My best suggestion is to come out and support both events which are both donating the proceeds to the NE Primate Sanctuary in what we are calling the 'James Hoffman likes Monkeys and so should you event!' I remember some time ago that Mr. Hoffman sponsored Chimpanzees at the London Zoo and since we were donating coffees at an auction for this cause, we thought this would be a good fit.