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Monday, February 23, 2009

Event: Saturday Feb 28th 2-4pm 56 Brattle St. Cambridge MA

This Saturday we will be partnering with Hi Rise on Brattle St. to host an espresso event geared at showcasing some unique espresso from far away. Confirmed are espresso from Ecco Caffe on the West Coast and espresso from blogger turned roaster James Hoffman, the WBC champ in '07.

We recently sent some of our Linnaean St. espresso to Hoffman and he turned around and served it up at an event whose proceeds were donated to charity. In turn, we will be serving the London roasted espresso with one of our west coast favorites and donating proceeds to charity. More on that item later.

Mark the time and date on your calendar and block off a trip to Harvard Sq.

56 Brattle St
Cambridge, MA 02138

Hi-Rise is going through a lot of changes behind the counter with their new manager so it's worth a return trip for another look or a first time visit. They are featuring a brand spankin new coffee program that should be something to buzz about once it is up and running full speed. Espresso in Harvard Sq. won't be a crema-less experience anymore! See you there.