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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Reminder: Cupping Event This Saturday At 6pm

For those of you still who missed the first post, there is still room, but not much. We are holding a cupping event at Simons Coffee Shop this Saturday evening (the 21st), and there are a few spots still open. The event will be at 6pm (some of you heard 7pm, but it's 6). Coffee's from top roasters around the country including Ecco Caffe, Paradise Coffee Roasters, Counter Culture Coffee, Atomic Cafe and some special guests in a traditional cupping led by the Barismo crew. There will be an introduction to coffee tasting (cupping) at the event and a vac pot demo, so no prior experience is at all necessary. RSVP at and if you haven't received a confirmation email, then please write us again for confirmation.