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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Buzz about Japan...

The next World Barista Championship, affectionately known as the WBC, will be held in Japan 2007. I am looking forward to this years regional competition and hoping to make more headway in the competitions. I am not a competition barista, but the competitions are great expsoure for us and a great way to network.

Collecting plateware, evaluating potential espresso, signature drink ingredients... Oh boy, it's going to be some sleepless nights ahead.

Really though, I just want the cash and the trip to Japan j/k. I mean, let's be honest. I seriously hope though this year a barista wins the USBC. Someone who actually works behind a counter and deals with customers and drinks day to day. That means something for me to see that. A validation of sorts that we are not just one trick ponies who can thrive with one espresso, one machine, and one routine but falter under varying conditions. Don't think I agree with mark Prince's any coffee, any grinder, any machine mantra. That's just pure punditry baloney. What you have to remember for the competitions is you can't change the temperature or the baskets, so make sure your coffee works on that stage and don't forget have fun and connect with your peers.