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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Being tired and having a picture cell phone...

Being tired seems to be an ironic theme to a blog about coffee/espresso. Still, I have decided to unload some of the photos from my cell phone. I will post some more tasting notes a little later. Must get Judson's notes and transcribe them. The commentary was pretty raw and humorous this last time.

First up is Machiarti or the practice of Machiatto art in the 3oz demitasse...:

A small rosetta created by dusting the surface with cocoa powder first. It's
kinda like pouring into a thimble...

A Machi-Octi : Octopus in a Machiatto:

A devlish machiatto:

The Ecco shipment of espresso will be delayed but Andrew promises us a free
bag or two to evaluate... Not a problem really. We will be serving the Ecco
Caffe espresso(s) as guest and Simon has generously agreed to donate a portion
of every espresso sold to the Save Steve Ford Fund(AKA the stick to coffee and
don't fall out of windows fund). Last two times we got espresso from Andrew,
we loved it even in milk(Call it Asim's influence). Either way, I bust out a
rosetta or two on the Cachoeira...

Rooibos tea latte:

Grind some plain Rooibos(red African bush tea) as espresso. Dose, Tamp, and
pull as a 30sec extraction to about 2oz. Follows all the same rules as espresso.
Too much time and it's dry/bitter, too short and it's sour. It actually has
an red/orange 'crema' similiar to espresso and tastes amazing in honey. You
can pour decent latte art with it....