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Friday, January 09, 2009

A barismo refresher

Ending the third year of blogging on this site, I know a few posts have been lost but we keep plugging away. Though there are definitely highlights from the last few years I could share, I'll keep it to just the last year and only 10 of the less controversial ones.

Why is fresh coffee so confusing?
Fresh is simple.

The Utility Blend
Espresso isn't just for 16oz milk drinks.

Jute free since 07
All about packing and repacking.

Syphon Coffee Primer
Primer implies a little less detail but that's how we roll.

Linnaean St. Espresso
This is our first blend and it's roasting really nicely right now.

Reasons coffee doesn't taste like bag descriptors.
A very popular post among the bloggers out there.

To the next golden brew.
All that glitters is not gold...

Feeding frenzy at the bar.
It still amazes me that we pulled that off and yet some people still opine locally whether it would fly...

It's all about volume.
Big and small.

Oh the humanity!
The drama...