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Thursday, January 01, 2009


What a long year!

We have a shop! A lot of learning, travel, and new experiences.

More recently, we are being featured on the Daily Grommet. A video interview which was fun if not a bit unnerving for a guy who likes to pontificate more than be onstage! Really nice people, check out their site and support them.

2009 looks to be more of the same and a bit more. Ben Chen is getting married! We will be sending barista to competitions. New accounts, new cities, more training, even more travel, and things I can't even begin to imagine will be reported on this blog.

The blog is still up and running after 3 years with some posts lost from the beginning. It's been a wild journey putting thoughts to readers you can't always identify. For the loyal readers, a big thanks for the comments and also the silent support. To those in the business who keep lifting ideas from the blog with no credit, I have a suggestion of where you can copy and paste it.

Thanks so much for your support of our venture, your support of our cafe accounts, and for continuing to read.

The blog will go on and in the words of the immortal Bob Porterfield "If you like us, talk about us. And if you don't, just keep your mouth shut."
(First person to figure out Porterfield's claim to fame gets a pack of 12oz Kiandu/12oz Antigua. Shipping not included unless you live in the continental US!)