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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

barismo gets Cantabridgian

We at barismo are working on a project to move into the left part of the building at 364 Broadway in Cambridge. It's not a small project by any means. The coffee program alone is far and above what the bar has been set at and we also have a lot to prove when it comes to doing a food program there as well. the expectations are extremely high and there is a tremendous amount of work right in front of us.

The story of barismo started a long time ago as a coffee blog but few people know we actually worked quite hard to move into the neighborhood just down from 364 five some years ago. the intention being that this neighborhood was one that would really get what we do. At that time, we had less aspirations in roasting and visions of doing something different than what unfolded at barismo's Arlington location.

After months of discussion, we just recently secured a lease for the space and a build out is being done as I write this. Let me step back a bit though, as during the process leading up to this a daughter came our way and our company shook up internally in a way that changed who we are allowing us to really take this project on. We parted ways on good terms with some people who really defined our early days thankful they had been there and added some really good backers who see and support our vision. In a way, we landed a bit flat footed in hitting the next stage of reaching into the neighborhood to share our ideas and getting into the politics of daily life in Cambridge City Hall.

We are now reaching out to the Cambridge neighborhood for support of this project. It's a long process and involves getting the word out person to person. We are now looking for signatures, letters, and people to speak on our behalf to show just how much support there is for what we want to do in that neighborhood. Since we've been trying to get in that block for years, we knew this was a neighborhood that had the right group of people for what we do and we are finding overwhelming support for what is going to be a huge project. We still need more supporters to get us through so please take some time to read more about our plans for the space by visiting