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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Coffee and Chocolate August 22nd 2pm

We will be offering a tasting set of Coffees paired with Chocolates from Colin Glasko at Rogue Chocolates the 22nd of August. A lineup of his Hispaniola, Sambriano, Rio Caribe, and the amazing Piura will be paired with manual brews of our fresh crop Coffees in each round.

The format will consist of the following:
Chocolates crushed and presented in warmed cups to allow aromatics and fruits to open up.
Selected coffees brewed in varying methods to form a tasting flight.
This will optionally be followed by the same chocolates offered as whole bar for texture and snap.

The first tasting flight will start at 4:05pm on the dot and signups will be capped at 15. The event will last on hour and finish at 5pm.

The cost for this event will be $12.50 by reservation online only.

Please check the blog or our events section for more special tastings like this.