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Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Wabi Sabi series espresso: the Villain

The newest installment in our Wabi series is a nod to the classic espresso with a clean stylizing. We paired an El Salvador roasted for sweetness and mouth feel with a Brazil roasted for body to get something simple but endearing.

The las Nubes (El Salvador) has a very sweet pecan, buttery textural notes, with a apricot fruit underneath. The Sao Judas Tedu (Brazil) has a deep body of chocolate and hazelnut that lingers into a pleasant finish as an espresso. The pairing of the two makes for a very balanced offering. Makes for a great classic shot but also holds it's own in a short cappuccino.

The name is a nod to our slightly quirky string of Wabi Sabi names involving somewhat nefarious references. We thought a nod to the black hat/white hat concept fits right in with an espresso that is a bit out of character compared to our previous Wabis.