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Sunday, April 18, 2010

barismo `slow bar day' at Pavement Mon Apr 18th

If you haven't heard by now, Pavement is finally opening, for real this time. It is the culmination of a long road for the core team of managers at ERC responsible for instigating so many of the recent upgrades, changes, and investments at all three of their stores.

Pavement however is a change of pace for the ERC family, a new entity entirely. They will attempt to do what is often coined as a slow coffee bar in what is a massive cafe at a well trafficked location. Now a slow coffee bar is something fairly uncommon in the Boston area. So uncommon, I can name three places off hand that do anything approaching it, and one happens to be our roasting location in Arlington. Slowing down the entire process and focusing on a unique brew method or a quality per cup experience is the key concept here. Pavement will offer v60 per cup of any coffee/roaster they offering at the moment. It's about time Boston got a cafe like that.

Join us Monday, take the T or bus and try to avoid even thinking about parking down there. All day, there will be per cup offerings we have roasted and even some of our espresso on tap.