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Saturday, July 25, 2009

New gear

We have some new fancy pants butane burners available. A safe design that puts out a big but controlled flame. This item is a great pairing with our TCA-2 but is large enough to be used when traveling to boil water for coffee (or tea).

The other new items we are very excited about are the little 2 cup wood neck dripper and the ceramic v60's. The dripper is a stylish little hoop sock brewer that comes with a wood neck (hence the name) tied with a leather strap. The ceramic v60's are a great pairing with our cloth cone filters and make a stylish statement on any professional (or wannabe pro) coffee setup.

We have Abid brewers in shop for sale but offline only. Come in for a demo and pick one up before we sell out.

More updates to come and a user guide is still being put together.