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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Espresso espresso espresso this Saturday!

The event is coming together. A few teaser coffees to give you an idea of what is already prepped to be served during the day.

Espresso already confirmed:

Single Origin Shots-
Panama Esmeralda Gesha
K1 - Special prep Kenya air freighted from origin
Brazil Moreninha Formosa

Taiwan Barista Competition Blend
Costa Rica Las Lajas 'Miel' 40%
Brazil Moreninha Formosa (African Raised Bed) 60%

'Arabian Wine' Yirg Blend
40% Konga Coop Yirgacheffe WP
60% Biloya Yirgacheffe DP

May add two more to that list but it's undecided as to which coffees. Possibly a Guat CoE or Rwanda GC. Vac pot list will happen later but no teasers unless you are already signed up. No need to register for tasting the espresso but show up at Simon's [where:1736 mass Ave Cambridge] early before the offerings are gone.