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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Boston eXpresso can be suprising...

(insert your own caption please)

True Grounds, originally uploaded by browncoffeeco

More quirky photos available on Brown Coffee's Flickr of Mr. Blanco's food stuffed yet brief trip to Boston.

UPDATE: So the story behind this photo is when Mr. Blanco wanted to try a shot of Terroir's Northern, we headed over to True Grounds in Ball Square, Somerville. We go in and I decide to opt for a bottle of vitamin water with Hong trying to remove myself from any opinion on the coffee. Blanco has the gall to order a 'double ristretto' somewhat in jest and after some discussion is served a 2oz+ expresso. Silas then orders a regular double espresso and the guy gives him what at first looks like an americano but after a few sips, it's all eXpresso. I honestly don't know what happened, if there was confusion, or if that's the way they really serve the espresso there. I'd laugh but I felt bad about it.

It reminds me of when Someday Cafe in Davis was still open serving Northern, they used to ask 'Two shots or Four' when your ordered an espresso.

Miguel (he's peruvian, not mexican!) played dirty biker hand model so you can get a perspective for the sizes of both the large 3.5oz demitasse and the latte cup the other drink was served in.

Please feel free to leave your own version of what our commentary might have been...