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Friday, October 20, 2006

Transparency in coffee...

Las Termopilas, Esteli, Nicaragua
Entwined notes of soft citrus and apple over a subtly smoky base of nuts, coconut and a dash of persisting sweet chocolate. Full bodied with medium acidity. The next roast of this fine coffee will be on Monday, October 16th. Supplies are limited.

Roast Style: Full Flavor Roast
Certified Organic

Cup of Excellence winner

Rated 90 points by Kenneth David's Coffee Review, to read the review click here.

Farmer: Milton Canales

Region: Esteli

Altitude: 4,100 feet (1,250 m)

Rainfall: moderate

Soil: N/A

Arabica cultivar: Caturra

Size of farm: 52 acres (21 ha); 7 acres coffee (3.5 ha)

I noticed this the other day. Transparency is a good thing. I am looking forward to the point where this information is on the bags somewhere. My appreciation for this extra info comes a bit from my purist side but also from my sales/marketing side. Being able to go that extra bit and talk about the coffees elevation or varieties can really sell someone on your coffee. That and it's just cool to know!

BTW does anyone question the palate of Ken Davids? Sometimes his scores seem like he rolled a handful of dice and just went with it! Having tasted many of the coffees he has, I read the reviews and just wonder what was he tasting that day?

FYI Take note fellow New England Barista!